[MOD] [Flashable] Modified Bootanimations and bootlogo of HTC

Hi guys. I'm back with this little project.

I've Build the stock bootanimation and downanimation of the HTC For Our Beloved K3 Note

Installation instructions for boot/down animations in next post.
Installation instructions and downloads for splash screens in Below it 

all rights are reserved if u wanna someparts pm me 
  • I do not take responsibility for the following:
  • Bricking your device
  • Frying your device
  • Destroying your device
  • A nuclear war caused by your device
  • If an alarm doesn't go off and you're late for work
  • If warranty services denies your warranty.

Download Link:

Special thanks:
@Ydriod for Creating


                           Special thanks:
                      @Ydriod for Creating


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